Our Vision

To become the leading supplier of NON- gm containing seeds and products to farmers and consumers alike.


We will at all times strive to provide the best solution to our clients for Maxim-profit and zero compromise to the safety of consumers of the end-products.

Company Rules

Uncomplicated, True, Professional


We at Maxim Seed believe in true agricultural sustainability, where we work in harmony with nature, to make farming profitable, the natural way.

We are proudly a NON-gm company. Until such time that GM-containing products had been proven to be safe to life in all its forms, we will not partake in the distribution of such products.

In addition to our excellent seed, we also offer a consulting service regarding soil analysis, nutrient recommendations and Soil-life solutions for profitable farming.

Sustainable Farming is the effecient production of safe, high quality agricultural products, in a way that protects and improves the natural environment, the social and economic conditions of farmers, their employees and local communities, and safegaurds the health and welfare of all farmed species.

Farming practices must therefore not only protect the long-term yield productivity of the land, but also ensure profitable yields and the well being of farmers and farm workers alike.